Vehicle Wash & Wax

Vehicle wash cleans, shines & Protects

A liquid concentrate formulated especially for washing vehicles of all kinds. It is harmless to all modern finishes including the newest acrylics, lacquers and enamels. Also harmless to chrome, glass and plastics. Wash & Wax “sheets” as it cleans to avoid spotting and it leaves a microscopic protective film that enhances the gloss of any vehicle.


  • Superior Cleaning: Removes sticky oily road film and just plain dirt.
  • Free Rinsing: Floats away soil to leave surfaces spotless and streak free.
  • Protects: This magnet-like film protects against salt, rust and the like that would normally affect vehicle finishes.
  • Substantive Film: The Wash & Wax solution contains a wax-like ingredient that attaches to the surface of the vehicle as if magnetized to leave a glossy, protective film.