Truck Wash & Brightener

Non acid Aluminum Cleaner & Brightener

A highly concentrated, heavy duty liquid cleaner for washing trucks, buses, tankers and other transportation equipment. Non-acid, cleans and brightens aluminum without harm to it, or to Lexan®, Plexiglass®, enameled or lacquered surfaces.


  • Brightens Aluminum: Not just an excellent cleaner, but also brightens aluminum surfaces at the same time in the same easy operation.
  • Non-Acid: Until now, aluminum brighteners have generally been hydrofluoric acid (a very corrosive and hazardous substance). Truck Wash does not contain this or any other acid.
  • Safer to Work with: Not being based on hydrofluoric acid makes TRW safer for personnel and safer for the vehicles (Truck Wash will not etch glass as does hydrofluoric acid.
  • No Agitation Required: Just spraying creates enough action to loosen most corrosion, road film, oily soil, etc.
  • Economical: This one product can be used at various dilutions and pressures for different situations.