Reflect Spray Buff

Spray buff, Cleans, Polishes, restores

Removes imbedded dirt, black marks and stains from floors, and in the same fast, easy operation, deposits a tough, clear, high gloss, “safe to walk on” finish that resists scuffing, black marks and water spotting.


  • Easy to Use: Management and custodians both like spray buffing with Reflect because it produces outstanding results with little physical effort.
  • Beautiful Floors: Removes soil, fills scratches, leaves a thin protective film without build-up and polishes to a terrific gloss.
  • Extends Need for Stripping: Regular spray buffing with Reflect can substantially reduce your cycle of stripping.
  • Completely Dry System: No mop and bucket. No water to slip on or to get under and pop tiles.
  • Extends Time Between Recoating: Regular spray buffing with Reflect eliminates the need for periodic coats of finish.