Half the time Stripper

Half the effort floor stripper

As it’s name indicates, Half the Time allows one to stop and prepare floors for floor finish in one half the time required with other strippers. It’s actually better than less effective products on modern floors because it strips so fast and so thoroughly, thus eliminating the need for scrubbing and re-wetting to remove oxidized build-up. Floors are ruined by water getting under the tiles. Half the Time is not for rubber or linoleum floors.


  • No Machine: Half the Time not only penetrates and softens old floor finish, it emulsifies and liquefies the old finish, and very seldom requires a machine to break the finish loose from the floor.
  • Saves Time: Floor maintenance is faster when you don’t need a machine and many have found that with light build-up they don’t even need to scrub.
  • Safe For Floors: Modern flooring is impervious to damage by Half the Time. It’s much better to use and gets the job done quicker than using a less effective stripper. This eliminates the need to wet down the floor over and over and risk the stripper getting under tiles and “popping” them.