Pink Lotion Soap

High quality smoothing hand soap

Formulated with unadulterated coconut oil for its rich lather and deep cleaning, with all its natural glycerin retained to avoid drying the skin...then it is lotionized to make it even more pleasant to use.


  • Coconut Oil Base: Coconut oil gives this hand soap its abundant lather and deep cleaning... and whereas some extract the natural glycerin in processing, it is all retained in this top quality product for its kindness to the skin.
  • Lotionized: Glycerin in the coconut oil is supplemented with a lotionizing ingredient to produce a premium product.
  • Controlled Viscosity: Made to just the right viscosity for dispensers - not so thick as to clog them - not so thin as to drip.
  • Unisex Fragrance: Both men and women will like the attractive fragrance. The soap by itself has a pleasant odor and it leaves the skin just smelling clean and fresh, not perfumed.
  • Easily Rinsed: The soap and loosened soil rinse away quickly and completely.