No time stripper

High EFFICIENCY Floor finish Stripper

No Time represents the very latest technology in floor finish strippers with a superior product for fast and complete removal of old finishes without need of a floor machine. No Time does not just soften old finish, it penetrates and liquefies it to break the finishes bond with the floor allowing it to be washed off, not scrubbed off.


  • Removes Multiple Coats: No Time doesn’t just soften the top coat or coats of built-up floor finish. It completely liquefies all coats so finish need only be rinsed away without scrubbing.
  • Holds Its Power: No Time still has effectiveness after stripping an area and may be squeezed to a new area before it’s strength is exhausted.
  • Better For Floors: It’s much better for the floor to use this most effective stripper and get the job done quickly than to use a less effective product and have to re-wet the floor over and over and risk the stripper getting under tiles.