New concept Finish

higher gloss, longer wear floor finish

Truly a new concept in polymer technology. Not only high in solids content, but the polymers from which it is made have a larger particle size, thus each coat is the equivalent in gloss and durability of multiple applications of conventional finishes.


  • Enlarged Polymer Size: Polymer made to optimum weight (solids) for floor finish has been developed to have a larger particle size to leave a thicker film for a higher and deeper gloss.
  • Easy Application: Though high in solids, each coat lays down beautifully with no mop drag or streaks.
  • Versatile: May be used on vinyl, VAT, VCT, rubber, linoleum, marble, terrazzo, concrete, brick, flagstone, epoxy and other resilient and non resilient floors.
  • All Acrylic: Leaves a perfectly clear, non-yellowing film that won’t black mark.
  • Super Gloss: Dries to a high gloss and maintains its gloss under heavy traffic.
  • Metal Interlock: In spite of its resistance to water and detergents, New Concept can be easily removed with its companion stripper when desired.