Miracoil II air conditioner coil cleaner

deoxidizes & restores air conditioner coils

Electric company studies show conservation of electricity and savings in cost of operating air conditioners of 28%-30% by just cleaning and deoxidizing the condenser coil - and that can be quick and easy with Miracoil because the condenser coil is on the outside of the unit and Miracoil is formulated especially for this purpose.


  • Easy to Use: Just spray on. Allow a few minutes to penetrate. No rubbing or scrubbing. Rinse with clear water.
  • Conserves Electricity: That’s good environmentally and saves money
  • Lengthens Life of the A/C: The less it is called on to cool, the less wear and tear on the operating parts.
  • Non-Acid: The only other products we know of for this purpose contain hydrofluoric acid that is extremely hazardous to use.