Mandarin Muscle

D-limonene heavy duty cleaner/degreaser

Mandarin Muscle is our popular 3D industrial grade cleaner/degreaser fortified to heavy duty strength by the addition of citrus solvent. This citrus solvent, known as d-limonene, is a natural extract from the skins of oranges and other citrus fruits with a high Kauri reduction rating against greasy soil and adds degreasing ability to an already outstanding cleaner.


  • Industrial Strength: An improved version of our very popular, very effective cleaner/degreaser 3-D made even better.
  • With Orange Solvent: D-limonene, a natural solvent extracted from the skin of citrus fruits, has been added for even better and easier removal of greasy soil.
  • Multi-Purpose: This one product does a multitude of industrial/commercial cleaning jobs
  • Economical: Replaces much more expensive solvents when needed in strong solutions. Dilutes further than competitive cleaners to save you money.