Bar None Synthetic Soap

Industrial Lotion Hand & Body Soap

This soap-like product is a better cleaner and kinder to the skin than soap. Instead of being made from oils and caustics, as soaps have been for thousands of years, Bar None is made from modern synthetic surfactants derived from pure coconut oil. All of the natural glycerin of the coconut oil is retained and lotionizers are added for maximum kindness to the skin. Softness to the skin and better cleaning are noticeable after every use, but especially against greasy industrial soil and especially in hard water areas.


  • Soapless: Has a similar appearance to liquid soap, can be used through standard soap dispensers, etc., but Bar None has none of the negatives of soap.
  • Hard Water Tolerant: There’s no curdling or loss of cleaning ability when used with hard water.
  • Better Against Greasy Soil: The synthetic detergent base outcleans soap against greasy, oily soil.
  • More Neutral pH: Caustics used in making soap result in a higher pH than required in Bar None.
  • Attractive Fragrance: Bar None will never develop that sour smell that some soaps do with age.