Drain Maintainer

Keeps grease Traps and Drains Clean

A safe treatment that replaces acids or caustics for opening clogged and slow flowing traps and drains and at the same time eliminates the hard physical work of doing so. Its activity is almost like perpetual motion. The treatment lays dormant until added to a dirty system, then when it reaches grease and food it releases enzymes that literally eat and digest the organic matter... and the only by-products are water, carbon dioxide, and more and more enzymes to continue the process.


  • Eliminates Hard Work: Regular use of this bio-enzymatic treatment can completely eliminate the ugly job of physically digging out grease traps and reaming drains and down lines.
  • Replace Solvents: Regular use eliminates need for dangerous solvents previously used.
  • Genetically Engineered: Formulated from strains of non-pathogenic bacteria engineered to produce enzymes with a special appetite for grease, food waste and other organics.
  • Bio-film Producer: As the treatment digests bulky waste, it builds up a bio-film on the inside of traps, drains and down lines.
  • Bio-Enzymatic Action: Eats and digests grease, food stuffs and other organic matter that would ordinarily block the flow through traps and waste lines.
  • Reproduces Itself: The treatment lies dormant until it reaches organic matter and then, over and over, produces more and more enzymes to liquefy previously non-digestible waste.