Dumpster Devil

Erases foul odors from garbage & Trash

Sprinkle a small amount of Dumpster Devil in the bottom of refuse containers or at the top of chutes. Add occasionally as needed. A little goes a long way.


  • Environmentally Responsible - Dumpster Devil is made from recycled paper pulp, is completely biodegradable and unlike clay products, it is incineratable.
  • Absorbs Liquids - Acts like millions of sponges to absorb some 300% of its own weight in liquids. That’s three times the absorbency of typical clay products.
  • Long Lasting Acitivty - The proven odor counteractant is released slowly but constantly so that each scoopful is effective for days.
  • Multi-Purpose - Not only absorbs liquids and adsorbs foul odors but contains citronella which will help deter insects. Ask about Dumpster Devils companion product Dumpster Demon.
  • Adsorbs Foul Odors - Like charcoal in a gas mask. Dumpster Devil pellets have millions of minute internal caves and crevices in which odorous vapors penetrate, and are trapped and neutralized.
  • Neutralizes Foul Odors - Dumpster Devil has a pleasant fragrance when dry. When the pellets become damp from contact with smelly liquids, they release a concentrated proven odor counteractant to eliminate any foul odors in the area.