Acrylic emulsion water clear seal

A semi-permanent acrylic seal that dries clear like glass and is guaranteed not to darken or discolor in any way with age. Restores the color and strengthens the surface of old floors and improves the tight bonding of finish to new floors. Contains no solvents and is therefore ideal for use on all types of floors. For indoor use only.


  • Restores Old Floors: Renews the color, fills the pores and strengthens the surface.
  • Improves Bonding of Finishes: Titeseal bonds better to floors than do finishes and finishes bond well to it, so Titeseal is helpful even on new floors.
  • Permanently Clear: The white emulsion dries clear and colorless and stays that way with age.
  • Easy Application: Titeseal is a thin, free-flowing liquid that can be applied with a mop.
  • Easy Clean Up: Mops and buckets can be cleaned up for reuse in just a few minutes by just rinsing with tap water.