Diamond Coat Finish

High Gloss, Non-dulling floor finish

This finish dries to a hard, non-scuff, long wearing film that does not require a floor machine for its maintenance. It dries to a gloss without need for polishing and resists scuffing and black marking to maintain it’s gloss without the need for buffing. Although it does not require polishing, it is an excellent base for spray buffing.


  • Hard, Tough, Long-Lasting Film: Resists scuffing, black marks and imbedding of soil that leads to the need for stripping of other finishes.
  • Attractive Gloss: Dries to a high gloss without polishing and maintains that gloss without polishing.
  • Versatile: May be used on vinyl, VAT, VCT, rubber, linoleum, marble, terrazzo, concrete, brick, flagstone, epoxy and other resilient and non resilient floors.
  • Easy Application: Each new coat levels beautifully with the previous one, without bubbles, streaks or mop drag.
  • Clear & Colorless: Dries to a glass-like clarity that intensifies the natural colors in the floor, not discolor them.
  • Water Resistant: To water based spills and to water tracked on floors during bad weather.