Non-dulling, Multi-use Floor finish

This easy to maintain floor finish can be buffed and restored like a wax, but contains no wax and is not slippery like wax. It applies easily and smoothly and dries quickly to a gloss without polishing. When, after heavy traffic it begins to show wear, light buffing restores its appearance.


  • Balanced Hardness: Hard and tough enough to resist scuffing from heavy traffic, but responds to dry buffing, and is an excellent base for spray buffing.
  • Easy Application: Every coat goes down effortlessly and smoothly with no mop drag.
  • Slip Resistant: Meets ASTM standards with James slip test machine.
  • Self Polishing: Dries to a high gloss without buffing and holds its gloss under traffic.
  • Metal Interlock: In spite of its resistance to water and detergents, Durapol can be easily removed with its companion stripper when desired.