ActivAted Pine type II Disinfectant

Cleans, deodorizes & disinfects

A combination heavy duty cleaner, disinfectant and deodorizer. Forms a white, deep cleaning emulsion when mixed with water. Disinfects against intestinal bacteria. Deodorizes and leaves a pleasant odor of pine oil to keep foul odor areas fresh and sanitary.


  • Germicidal: Effective against specific gram negative household germs such as those causing Salmonellosis (food poisoning).
  • Extra Pine Oil: Contains 3 to 4 times more steam distilled pine oil than typical highly advertised household brands.
  • Emulsified: The pine oil and the surfactants are emulsified to combine their effectiveness when mixed with water.
  • Pleasant Pine Odor: Not only cleans and disinfects against intestinal bacteria, but leaves a pleasant pine odor to show that the job has been well done.