Acidulated Shower Cleaner

Foaming Soap Film & Scum Remover

The original, patented cleaner/degreaser that contains no butyl or any other solvent, yet cleans better than products that do. It’s safer and more environmentally preferred.


  • Cleans without scrubbing: Just spray on a solution of Acidulate to remove soap film, hard water deposits, etc. without the need of scrubbing.
  • Foaming Cleanser: Produces a foam that clings to vertical surfaces and keeps in contact with soil longer.
  • Formulated with Phosphoric Acid: If an acid is needed to do the job, we have chosen phosphoric because it won’t harm chrome plumbing fixtures, grouting between tiles, etc.
  • Removes Mildew Stains: Again, just by spraying on Acidulate it removes mildew stains and the odors that accompany them