3-D Super Cleaner

Butyl Based degreaser emulsifier

3-D is a heavy duty cleaner/degreaser that combines modern hard water tolerant, free rinsing surfactants with water miscible, fast acting grease cutting solvents for economical, thorough removal of heavy, built-up greasy soil.


  • All Purpose: This one product does hundreds of cleaning jobs merely changing dilutions.
  • Does the work easily: It penetrates, dissolves, lifts, suspends and floats away the toughest soil without hard scrubbing.
  • Low Foam: Use with a sprayer, pressure washer, automatic scrubber or just a mop and bucket.
  • Buffered: Formulated to maintain its power and cleaning ability when a used solution is spread to a new area.
  • VOC Compliant: Meet today's restrictions on Volatile Organic Compounds.

How to use

Experience and the type and amount of soil will indicate more exact dilutions. The dilute solution may be mopped, sponged or sprayed on. 3-D is also excellent for use with automatic scrubbers and pressure washers.